Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh kids.

This girl is pretty cute. Tonight we had a mini girls night together while the boys went to the BSU basketball game. She loved it. I loved it. It was bliss.
Well bliss, if you're not counting the pee on my computer chair that seeped through her diaper. (my own fault really). We took a bubble bath and teased Sofie puppy with the water.
Arli has quite the personality and some humor to go with it. Which you wouldn't know unless you took the time to see it. She is just oobers of silliness and just weirdness and plain cuteness.. yeah. all rolled into one. And I really like what we've created here. ;) More like I really like what I helped bring into the world.

Today I lost sight and found myself outwardly expressing my NEED for a vacay. The ideal cruise thing might is on hold. (our hearts and minds are fighting each other at the moment) And I couldn't take it anymore. After a long LONG night last night with both the little punks, a rough afternoon, followed by loud noises before dinner, I had it. I want a paradise vacation.
Then the boys left.. and me and Arli got some quality girl time in. And.. I think I'm okay for another week. Another week until I complain about needing a vacation that is.
I am so lucky to be staying home with my kids. My super duper shmooper adorable funny kids. And I feel sad for other moms that miss it by choice or sadly by necessity.
I am not lucky, but blessed.
I get to witness them grow and learn and truly see their personalities in and out. I know and can tell anyone exactly what time they ate or poo'd or took a time out (all in a split second). That's pretty cool mom stuff. And I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I mean who would want to miss this...
Yeah. That's Beck and "his" coach. His "Coach Pete" to be exact. It cracks me up how much this kid loves and knows sports. He goes about his day changing into his many jerseys and "basketbeall clothes". He holds them all in a costco milk carton box that he treasures above his bed at night. If we are at home. He is in some sort of sports outfit. Not ideal for me to look at. I mean he comes up with the most random teams. But he loves it and I think he's the coolest kid ever for loving it.
The other day, Beck was playing his usual basketball. The Coach was on the dresser overseeing his "game". Beck kept missing the shots, and I guess Coach was mad because then Coach Pete (really Beck's voice) said "You aren't winning! No more loosing! " and so on and so forth. Him and the coach have at least one pep talk a day. Whatever helps his skills, right?
They really are good kids, and amazing kids. They are each so talented and SO their own person. I love them and the crazy things they do. (not counting the other day when Arli cement glued her hands and luckily I pulled them apart just in time. no don't love that.
But just to prove my love for those punks. I even risked my life jumping off the coach to reach the highest ever balloon. Goll-EE. And then Arli about tried to do it too. Quite the ambitious one I have.


royce and aubree said...

your kids are adorable and sound like so much fun!! way to go you super mom getting that balloon!

Paige said...

Seriously love this! :) haha that picture just cracked me up! You are awesome! Who took the picture? haha

Miss B said...

I love how it looks like the balloon is carrying you up. It's a really neat photo!