Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Day

Love day, I think, can be a very lovely day! If people just gave it a shot. :)
YES, it is Valentines Day every day if we're getting technical here. Showing love and giving gifts of kindness and affection, like massages and head scratches in our case, should happen regularly.
But we also have no problem with Valentines Day. Just don't buy into the whole hype and go and make big purchases (using V-day as the excuse).
We had a lovely V-day.
workout as usual, took the kids to a Valentines Party, went grocery shopping, and went to Tucker's middle school basketball games he coached. (last one we are gonna be able to go to)
Then took the kids to Gma and Gpa Wood's house and off to Costco we went. The plan was to get my gift and eat share some grub. Romantic huh. :)
Well they ran out of my size of the micro-fleece running pants I wanted. (Knew I should have bought them when I first saw 'em) And then after making a purchase for the kids, a new bedtime book, Chicka chicka boom boom, Neither of us felt like pizza or hot dogs.. Gma Wood had waffles at her house.
So our conversation went like this.
as we are finding a place to sit:
Tuck: what do you want?
Me: ehhh.. I dunno, what do YOU want?
Tuck: (face all twisted) Ohhhhh I dunno.
Me: You don't feel like hot dogs or pizza huh?
Tuck: (relieved) nooooo I don't.
Me: good me neither.
Tuck: Well lets go back to my mom's house.
Waffles it is!

Pretty funny.. But we had a blast walking around Costco together.. checking out isles we don't usually go through. Man.. if I had money.. Pretty sure I would have bought 7 things.. and that's just in the book isle. And everyone was buying sweet tv's... Obviously we didn't get the memo.

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