Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Monkeys

Finally finished the kids' sock monkeys for Valentines Day. Yes. This morning.
Before you judge ;) I DID finish Arli's like last week. But somehow I could not get myself to sit down and finish Beck's. Business I tell you.
So finally slapped those arms, ears, and face on there.
I love sock monkeys!
I made a sock monkey the first time for Beck for Valentines Day 2 years ago. And I said it'd be a tradition. Somehow I skipped last year. :)
They both Love their monkeys. But Beck said "I thought it had blue and orange eyes!"
umm.... okay haha Does everything have to be BSU?? Come on bud!
Want to make your own sock monkeys? Here is the great tutorial I used. Nice and simple. :)

Hope you all had a lovely Love Day. I did. ended with a nice short date to Costco, without the kiddos. Honestly couldn't ask for more. If only the running pants didn't run out of my size. phooey.

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