Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love me some laugh attack!

It was a long day of re-organizing/re-arranging yesterday.. We finally got a legit desk (scored an Ikea one, just my style, from Craigslist) for our computer, printer and etc etc etc. I was pretty happy with myself for fitting everything in our room quite comfortably. Not to mention having everything organized! This is a big feat. considering most of which had to organized was my craft stuff... Our room is our family room, office, craft room, music room and bedroom, all rolled into one. Lovely :)
BECAUSE of this big feat. I thought we deserved a little night out. Not only did we both get lots done, but we are still on track with the new and improved budget this month. So off to good ol Carl's Jr. Let the kids run around... let Tuck have his juicy burger meal, and for me to eat everyone else's food :)
Lots of interesting people at fast food play places I tell you.
The group behind us was very interesting, which is code for just weird. They did and said some things that had me making odd faces.. Luckily my back was turned to them. They were RIGHT behind my head. Tucker was not so lucky.
When they started playing Gwen Steffani on their phone.. I didn't quite know what was going on.. Or why it had to be so loud. Tucker said "I feel like I should play my music on my phone...louder." Yeah good plan.. I kinda rolled my eyes. Weird.
The music finally stopped. Don't get me wrong I love Gwen... but would I make everyone else in the play area listen to my music? loudly? singing along? I don't think I would.
A little bit later I hear this loud dog bark sound a little chihuahua dog bark. It (person) barked once. And I just gave a stunned look at Tucker. It barked again... the stunned look continued. And again. Then I said to Tuck, holding two fingers up, "If I hear 2 more barks, I'm leaving." Then just as if they heard me. The lady had a bark fit! (Like when someone rings the doorbell or knocks on your door and the dog freaks out barking.) With a LOUD chihuahua bark!! Ahhh ! I busted up laughing!! Going through my head: What the heck is she doing?! Crap! Did she hear me?? WHAT THE HECK IS SHE DOING?!
I could not get over how right on cue it was. So I'm sitting there, laughing so hard, silently, might I add, trying not to move my head so they won't notice.. And tears quickly start streaming. Then Tucker gets the memo and haves a cry laugh attack too. But like I said, his face isn't hidden. So he's trying to cover his face, and tries to stop, then starts again. and repeat like 12 times. Towards the end, we had just the spurts of laughter when you're trying to stop.. but then it comes over you all over again. Pretty sure we were laughing for like 5 minutes straight.
My abs hurt. And I felt good about the mini workout we just accomplished.
But not only that. It felt good to laugh so hard with my husby.
Then we got a redbox and chillaxed as a family :) And me and Arli took lovely pictures, practicing our pucker lips.
I love outings with my family.
I love my funny husband.
I love weird people watching.
but most of all,
I love these moments.

and I can't wait to have a Chihuahua again.


kim said...

custest pictures ever!

RaCHELLE HuRD said...

Hahahaha... Oh my gosh this story is hilarious!!! You're a good writer. I had fun seeing you this week and wish we could have hung out!