Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Cute Doll

For Arli's birthday present I went with the doll making. We spent enough money to make her doll crib for Christmas.. and though we love her to the moon.. we weren't really keen on spending more.
I found this free pattern. The dolls are so cute.. and fabric/ accessories combinations are endless. Really, you don't even need the pattern. I didn't use a pattern for my dolls I made a year ago. But these were too cute to resist. and Hey why not make it easy on myself and use their pattern :)
I only had time to make one, but LOVED how it turned out. I have some other outfits already picked out, waiting for me to find the time.
Arli loved the doll.. Well kinda. Honestly she got some awesome gifts so this one was pretty average. But I have a feeling she'll come back to it soon and adore it. (just like the other handmade dolls)
**Can you tell I sewed one of the legs on wrong. Haha luckily that leg twists weird and flips back around to look like it is the right way.

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