Friday, February 18, 2011

Arli's Birthday Party

We had my daughter Arli's Birthday party last night. The girl turned 2. pretty wild!
We usually do dinner and dessert for birthdays but since it was a weeknight we just did dessert.
So I decided to do a dessert Bar.
I made cupcake cake pops and chocolate covered strawberries. And a big cupcake Cake for her to blow the candle. My mom made macaroons and these Yummmyy cream cheese chocolatey cupcakes! It was a success and almost everything was eaten!

I didn't spend any money on this party except for ingredients for food. Which was the goal.. so it was superb!
I used her birthday banner from last year. SO glad I made that! I made it out of scrapbook paper. and just freehanded the letters and cut them out.
[would have been so much easier this year with my silhouette!]

And here is the final product! All the goodies and the sweet bday girl herself!
Party success!

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