Monday, March 14, 2011

Link Up with a Good Tune

I am loving this song. Not only this song, but this band. My hubba-lub found them through Weezer. (of course)
Their album has been repeating on our itunes all weekend, and I can't stop singing this song.
I could do without the synthesizers personally, but it still tickles my fancy just fine.
The sound is a perfect mix between Weezer, Motion City Soundtrack, and Mates of State.
I love the girls singing in this band!
Now, the hub and I are aching to get out the recording equipment and lay our track of it. That's true love.

And just for fun here are my recently "starred" items in my google reader.

Love this Blog!! And if you love home improvements and make-overs, you will to! Young House Love is among my favorite blogs, with a cute funny couple, a baby, and a chihuahua. Combine all that goodness with their master decor skills, what's not to love! Check out their guest room and see for yourself.

These needle books are so adorable.. and SMART.. I always have my different needles layin around everywhere. This is a great solution!

Freshly Picked is yet again among my Fav blogs. Check out this genius DIY chandelier. I am definitely making this for my future house! Where to put it though: kitchen? craft room? piano room? time will tell.


Larissa said...

Hi, listening to the tune (oooh uh hoo hooo) as I type and thanks for the needle book linkage!

Carrie said...

Love this song!!