Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still a little young..

SOMEONE is growing up way too fast. Arli loves to watch me put my make-up on. Which is really cute. and just a testament to how different boys and girls are haha Beck NEVER did this. She likes to sit on the counter and pretend to put some on too.
The other day she closed the bathroom door in my room. I didn't think much of it. I thought she was going through it to the other side of the bathroom (jack and jill style bathroom). Well 3-5 minutes later she was still in there. She came out and I was busy with something and didn't really look at her. Tucker came home a minute later and was like "What happened to Arli's eye?" [insert bad mom feeling here] haha we examined and decided it was lovely mascara.
She still a little young I think. I still haven't broke the news to her haha.

Arli and Daddy. She is a Daddy's girl at heart. No matter how much she wants her mommy. When Daddy comes home she is so sweet. I love this. I love them.


Erin Dougal said...

Haha! Awesome! I tried sneaking mascara when I was like in 6th grade and it rained that day. I didn't know that mascara runs so I came home with black makeup all over my face! Hahaha... Oh dear.

Paige said...

awww this melted my heart :)

Jenn said...

Too Cute! She's so beautiful Michelle!

kim said...

This is the cutest photo ever!What a girl she is! I just love her! and all of the Tucker Botkin Family!!!!!

Jess and Andrew said...

GUUURL you have a rascal on your hands! ps I love the picture of Beck dancing in that last post. What a stud!