Friday, April 22, 2011

Arli Shoot

I am lucky enough to have a friend, Audrey, who is a professional photographer. She has been such a help opening my eyes a bit about photography. She invited me over to have a photoshoot with arli, with her awesome backdrops. And we let the natural light come through the windows. It was seriously fun! Though, I did feel so inadequate. But hey thats just part of the beginner game :) Huge plus, she was A-M-AZING with Arli. So I wasn't surprised when Arli never turned back to look at me again. haha. I was lucky that she was shooting with her own camera too.
These are the goodies I got. Still so cute even though she wasn't looking in my direction.

I knoooowww so many pictures right? Yeah, I'll say. We had this photoshoot on Wed. And I have been trying to pick and edit and put together these for 3 whole days now. So yes, lots of pictures. How can anyone choose just a couple? honestly? Plus I had to throw in duplicates of the different effects. It is just so fun to play around.
I just LOVE the second row of pictures of Arli. She looks so angelic and sweet. And that subtle dimple is to die for :)
She is growing up too fast. It seems ever since she started stringing words together, she never stopped getting smarter and growing that sweet attitude of hers.
It was so fun to get together Audrey! Thank you so much for lettin me bum around and use your drops while I had no idea what I was doing :)

Sweet Arli, I love you so much little girl.


Paige said...

awwww she is so cute, Brooklyn was looking at these with me and she kept saying pretty baby :) we should have a play date soon, like REALLY soon, on a warm day! We should have our fence done here in the next few days, and then we will be gettin a swing set for the kids birthday, so we can have a party with our kids ok? :) THANKS!

Julie @ Becoming-Someone said...

She is so cute, and you did such a great job with the photos! Adorable!

RaCHELLE HuRD said...

she is so pretty, michelle!

bkbishopfamily said...

that middle picture on the middle row is enough to melt my heart-just beautiful!