Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let the Easter rumpus start..

Happy Easter Weekend :)
Ella(cousin), Beck, and Arli after they OWNED that Egg hunt.

We kicked it off right, starting with a community easter egg hunt.
Pretty great! We are some busy people over here and have a family-fun-filled weekend.
Sometime after the egg hunt this morning, we went to Costco and Beck said "There are like hundreds of people here! So watch out." Said in his cute little wise voice. True that, Beck! Thanks for the advice bud.
Then off to the park we go, for a Easter picnic with Tuck's family. Then maybe a baseball game or egg dying tonight? Time will tell.
Then tomorrow, bust out the Easter breakfast with my fam. Then to the legendary Easter egg hunt at Tuck's dad's with yummy grub. Then another Easter dinner back with my family.
Who knew Easter could get so popularly busy. But it's a blast to spend time with family, and we are lucky all of our family live in the area.
And plus, all these Holidays are fun no matter what when you have kids. More magical, no?
Am I right or am I right?

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Paige said...

You are right!!! Haha my kids had their first egg hunt! Haha I didn't think they would be into it, boy was a I wrong, all the sudden Brooklyn is pushing Braxton out of the way to get an egg... whaaa??? :) Happy Easter!