Monday, April 11, 2011

Green Inspiration

I have this notebook full of torn out pages of decor magazines. Just interior designing that I love! Not all of it, I would necessarily put in my own home, but it is all total creative inspiration. And since I don't have my own home yet, this is what I've resorted to doing, collecting all the things I love in my cute when I DO have that home.. I won't waste any time knowing what I want. :)
Today was a glum day.. I was pukey.. (literally) and then when I finally felt better I still had the icky lazy mood stuck with me. One of those days where I just want my own house.. my own space. I found myself looking through my handy dandy notebook.

And this sure looked appealing to my eyes!

I'll start sharing more pages from my notebook.. I mean theres some good stuff in there. Consider it a favor ;)


silvia said...

that is the exact green I want in my family room it!

Paige said...

Ohhhh I love green. I want to get a white bedspread with green flowers coming of from the bottom, with like leaves and what not (the image in my head is cool) and then to pain the lower half of my room a green and the upper half a cream color, I CANT STAND THE BROWN. Its so dull, I need color in my life, I LOVE THIS page you put on here, so cute!