Sunday, April 10, 2011

Major Date Night

I love when our kids crash our "hot date night" photos.
We had a major date night last night. And someone didn't want me to leave.
Guess who? hint hint^^^^she looks very solemn.
Well she survived and forgot about us bout 2 minutes after we left.. so don't worry.
Tuck won tickets to the Sir Elton John concert.
So we got delish dinner at Donnie Macs and hit up the concert!
It was really good. Not only really good, but amazing. He has some serious talent..
Serious piano talent. I loved it all.
Plus ya know... seeing an icon was pretty cool too.

But the thing that made the whole date amazing was this ^^guy. :)
We went out to Ihop late friday night.. And just had a blast.
I mean seriously.. it was kinda ridiculous.
I was giggly, and on a sugar high (at least thats what our waiter told us)
And Tucker is hilarious..
and I'm not totally all there..
So there were some good times.
Then followed by last night's date, I feel spoiled relationship wise.
I wish I could just explain our awesomeness.
But alas, it is quite hard to pinpoint.
I can only say that.
1. i love laughing. and he takes care of this.
2. i do a lot of random things.. like giving people compliments on napkins..
and he lets me do this.
3. I love eating his fries... and this, he also allows.
4. We both jogged to and from the arena where the concert was, to our car.
I like this one very much.
We both kinda just read each others mind.
And then blew past everyone with our fast legs.
I love him.


Jess said...

awe michelle you guys are so cute! what an amazing concert to win tickets to. love you two what a hottie couple!

Eric & Crystal Marshall said...

ha ha! you are awesome! I love it!

Ani said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time!!! I love winning tickets to!!! Arli sounds just like annita but she does cause she is over possesive over her daddy love!!!