Thursday, April 7, 2011

Work it out

Does anybody else love that song by Kanye- Work it out?
Well I do.
And I've been on a new work-out streak. Except it's not just a streak this time.. hah.
I started Insanity on Monday (plus the husband) and it is quite amazing. Along with the legit aerobics class I do Mon/Wed and running- it is all very invigorating and getting me pumped up for that stomach that I long for.
And maybe if you know me.. you're thinking this is dumb.. "you don't needa workout" sorta eye rolling stuff. I'm not in it to lose a ton of weight.. I'm just wanting to tone up and get a 6 pack.. cause let's be honest.. I want it back.
I have been eating pretty healthy... ya know, no ice cream every night and no treats unless on weekends. One chocolate chip did help me get through the day though yesterday.
And I swear I have already seen a difference in my energy, my attitude, and my mood. Everything just comes together so nicely. Yeah, some may say I shouldn't see physical results yet.. But I beg to differ.
I showed tucker my work and flexed my abs for him.. (some of them are hidden still HA)
This was his response exclaimed excitedly: "You have an innie!"
Wait... What??
Not exactly the response I was looking for.. but I'll take it..
To be honest my poor belly button was a bit weirded out since being preggo twice.
And I'm glad its on its way back "in".

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Brittany said...

hahahahahahahaha i like how you talk about your belly button. i love it. love you you make me laugh.