Thursday, April 7, 2011

Switchin things up

I decided that instead of having two blogs to manage.. I am going to merge them into one. So I will now have my creative blog merged with my family blogging.
SO This blog will still exist, since I am merging everything onto here.
BUT I will be changing the url address from to probably
So that means if you have my blog on your sidebar saved under the michelleandtucker url, it will not update any longer. I will post on facebook my new address.
But just note, it will probably be, just in case you are not on facebook.

Thanks friends! Hopefully I'll get this done soon :)

(I should have just done this in the first place.. but I didn't know if people would want to read about my hobbies.. But now.. i don't care haha.. in a nice way. if ya don't want to- you simply don't have to... cause life is grand like that.)

1 comment:

Little Red Bird said...

Love the merging of the blogs and the new header! ooo weee so excited for everything to come. ALL THE CRAFTS, yay.