Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Deed is Done

I ran my first Half Marathon today!
And lovely Husband did too. :)
(well his second)

How it all went down- (I'm writing this for my own benefit, you certainly can skip ahead haha.)
It was surprisingly splendid. let me explain..
some background info...
I've been running this year pretty regularly.. but the farthest distance I had gone was 6 miles. I was just in the beg./middle of my training for a 1/2 marathon.. Then we decided to run the Great Potato.
Then the question came. 10k or 1/2???? Ahh. It was stressin me OUT.
I signed up for the 10k. might as well do good in something I know I can do right?
But then when I looked up the half I was training for.. ummm hello it was not even near me and there was another one but $85! I'm not made of moneh'.
Once we found all that out.. Tuck pretty much decided I needed to run the 1/2. And I wasn't disagreeing. So he changed my race for me.
So- not fully prepared, the furthest I had ran was 6 miles, and add my nerves to that! = recipe for "My goal is to just finish"
But I exceeded my expectations.
At first my goal was to not walk until after the 10th mile. Then once I got there and I was still good, my goal changed to no walking at all. My cardio was good. I was keeping a good pace and felt awesome. I wasn't ever wheezing towards the end like I thought it would be like.
Got to mile 11 and picked up the pace. Then to the last mile, and picked it up more. and sprinted the end.
I felt good. I didn't expect that. My time was 2:03:29 . Which was an awesome surprise! not even a full minute behind Tuck.
Once I found out my time.. it was killin me I could have finished under 2 hours if only I had my watch set right. In the beggining I started it late so the time was off, so I didn't have that to look at and know I was doing so good (I was honestly expecting closer to 2 and half hours.)
It was a blast! I'm so glad I got sucked into doing the half.. if I didn't, I'd still be thinking I wasn't ready for one. So thank you Tucker for that!
And it makes me excited to actually train and see what comes from it. I'm not sayin i'm gonna set records. But definitely personal records. It's a fun new running world for me now.
Thanks to all the fam that supported us on the course! Almost to the finish line there was Travis and Stacie and I could hear them yelling my name and cheering me on. It felt awesome to have that extra push! And Tuck's dad was there also at the end with his handy dandy camera in hand. And my mom and sister came with the kiddos (after I finished - take me telling them i'd finish later and then getting two kids out the doors= them a little late haha)
But it was awesome to have my kids see us in the zone and just have my mom and sister come and support us :) The support brightened up my run. so Thank you all!

Now.. my legs hurt. my body hurts hah. BUT It was so worth it.
I feel so accomplished and proud of myself.
Remember, I've been wanting to do this for a while.
I think it just scared me.
Everyone needs something to works towards :)

Whats next? well the next half that is comin up and affordable is in the fall..
But a 10k mud run is comin up! Anyone else down?
We are totally gonna get a group together for this!
At least I want to haha.


Paige said...

Good job! I am a little bit jealous!! Thats exciting, I am glad you had fun and went for it, thats inspirational :) You are awesome!!

Kelli said...

I'm so proud of you! I had no doubts that you could do it and do well. Not surprised at all. Yay, yay, yay!

Royce said...

good job thats an awesome time! i've run one half and it was at a naval base so it was pretty intense but i would love to run another one someday! all your talk about races is making me jealous...after the baby i'll definitely be back into it! keep it up :)

bkbishopfamily said...

so, is there something special about the medals? you guys did awesome! not that far behind me and i did the 10k...he-he:) ive pretty much decided i like the 5k type of race-i am not a distance runner...way to go!!! i might just decide to train more for the autism run in september-dont forget!

Jim and Katie said...

Awesome, Michelle! Way to go :) I have a goal of running a race one day.....we'll see. Congratulations to you and Tuck!

Eric & Crystal Marshall said...

Good Job! That is amazing time! Every other time I read was like 5 hours, and I was thinking, that sounds like forever, but maybe that's how long it takes! Ha ha. So you shaved a good three hours off what I have heard every lady in my ward say their time was. Even if you were 3 minutes off 2 hours, you should be proud of that! =]

Ryan and Dani said...

Good work! I wish I was motivated enough to run! Ry and I actually just started "running" (walking/jogging) and I really didn't think I was out of shape until we started. GAAH! Maybe someday soon I'll get to where you are.

Erin Dougal said...

Oh. I loved this post. Someday, I keep telling myself. It's like so many factors makin it so I can't do everything I want to- including racing. I'm so proud of you. I will live vicariously through your running and pretend that my miles here and there are good :)

Andrea said...

Way to go Michelle! That is awesome, and so fun to run with your hubby!