Friday, May 13, 2011

Popsicle Kinda Days

Finally! Popsicle season is upon us..
This weather is beautiful. Something about the weather warming up outside.. Onto the fun things the outdoors has to offer, is just joyous. It really puts my puts my spirits high. How could anyone not love the warm breeze and sunkissed cheeks?
Definitely popsicle weather :)
And when it is popsicle weather, everyone's happy. And I do enjoy a nice popsicle myself.
so it's a win-win.

On a sidenote:
The ice cream truck comes by our neighborhood almost religiously, its weird. And not fair. I caved the first day it came by.. and bought them their first ever ice cream truck treats. Then once those 2 dollars was long gone out of my pocket, I decided no more. Winco has my popsicle heart.

Oh and I heard rainy weather and lower temp rumors for next week... But hey, that won't get me down!
I love rain too. So there! You unpredictable Boise weather. take that.

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