Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ninja Turtles and a Quote

Oh hey Beck and fellow ninja turtles. This picture sums up my life. And I like it.
Cleaning every day, all the kids' toys and things lying around, I find myself quite enjoying myself. After we put the kids to bed I come to my room and put all the kids toys left in my room from the day's play in a small pile by the door. (more for precaution reasons along with my neat freak tendencies)
Ninja turtles, batman, a golf club, a half-naked barbie, a hello kitty purse, and of course shoes.
I start to think what they were doing that day and a little bit of "what the heck is this doing here".
I love my life.
They pretty much saved me.. and I will never be able to thank them enough.
Specifically Beck.
My little ninja turtle lovin all around boy.
Like I said, I love my life. :)

Now, I have something to chat about. Oprah fan or not, hear me out.
I am an Oprah fan. I loved her show. and for on and off period of times watched regularly.
Whether you like her or not, you cannot deny she is an amazing woman who has done some even more amazing things for others.
Yesterday was her last show. No guests, no music, it was just Oprah talking to her viewers the whole hour. She said her "love letter " to everyone.
I watched while I sewed and played tic tac toe with Beck.
It was pretty great. I was in the mood for some heart to heart so this probably helped. :)
She talked about a previous guest. A woman who was a Harvard educated brain scientist and then had a stroke. It affected left part of the brain that did the communicating. But she was still "there" and wanted her doctors and family to know that. She said she could feel the energy of people that would walk into her room. And if a doctor came who didn't even act like she was there, she then, wouldn't give back to him showing she was there. It was all based on peoples' energy.
Oprah quoted that woman saying: (and even has it hanging in her office)
"Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space."
My thoughts:
Wow. What an amazing quote on so many levels.
First.. take responsibility! No matter what your dad did, or your childhood was like, any abuse you recieved, (things that are very common sadly) do not blame that person or what happened for who you are now. Take responsibility and move forward. Be a better person because of those things.
Then onto the next part of that quote, : for the energy you bring into this space.
Your energy, your attitude, everything. This may be connected with the thought "positive attitude" But it is so much more. If you are that good person, (you probably think you are) then let it show through your energy.
Like i said, it is so much more. And I could have a deep conversation about this if needs be.
Lucky for you, not right now.
For some reason, this quote was perfect for me. In so many ways. Though I won't go into detail.

I don't worship Oprah, she is not my idol. But she has done many good things.

I feel perty lucky I heard that quote.


Paige said...

Michelle! Sometimes I think we are thinking the same thing at the same time! I was watching that yesterday too and when I saw that quote, I was like HOLY COW. That's awesome. Seriously though, isn't it crazy? Makes me want to be a better person and shoot of rays of BRIGHT yellow :) Haha, not literally, but you get my point. (The yellow is my energy ok!) Haha but really nice blog here. Thanks for letting me read about your life.

Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

I actually thought about you yesterday wondering if you were watching Oprah. I thought she said some really great things. She has done some pretty incredible things for people. I hope you are doing well cute girl!

brittanyepage said...

Loved the blog post! Just have one comment where it relates to taking responsibility. It is so easy for people who haven't endured life changing trauma to tell other people who have to take responsibility and get over it. While I agree, there should be more compassion. It isn't simply a "get over it" issue. Trauma actually changes the chemistry of the brain. Trauma actually triggers serious mental illnesses. Trauma can have lasting impact... separate from the cycles of abuse that continue on... people making bad choices, abusing their own children, etc. It is a difficult thing overcome. That is why we see so many people who are unable to do so. I am someone who was able to do so and I get frustrated with people who blame their past, but at the same time, I understand where they are coming from. Without proper help (such as help from people like Oprah) and assistance, overcoming such hurdles can be nearly impossible. I think it is important to remember this, especially when one doesn't identify with people who come from such situations. That's all ;) Glad you love your life!

Michelle said...

Thanks for reading and commenting Brittany!
.. i'm not saying "get over it" just simply take the responsibility to not blame everything on it.
And I can say so because I have endured a lot of trauma and forms of abuse and witnessed much more in my own family. Hardly anyone even knows the drastic things I have been through and things that still happen. So maybe it is a mistake for you to assume I cannot identify. (another lesson on not being quick to judge) So i feel fine saying what I said.
Compassion is the number one thing I believe in. When people don't have compassion for others in these kind of (or any kind) of situations, then I feel they pass up an opportunity to learn something and will then have to learn it another way in their own life.
I totally agree the lasting effects trauma has on the brain and so forth. I have read these kind of books and see it everday in people I love.
Thanks for your input Brittany! :)
I didn't know were a reader haha

Michelle said...

Like I said, I could have gone into much more detail of my thoughts and background and why and how the quote hit me so hard. But i didn't, maybe that would have helped you're view on the post.

Kelli said...

I totally agree with you. Taking responsibility is something that I work on all the time. But also, I love the energy comments. That's also something that I try to work on and no matter what energy you bring, it makes an impact! (What I'm working on is the "good" energy, btw).

Love ya Michelle!

brittanyepage said...

Well, from what I can see you have a wildly supportive family... who allows you to live in their home while you get your little family together and into your own place. People who go through trauma and do NOT have a normal family who care for them and support them have a more difficult time bouncing back from trauma. I'm glad you realize how lucky you are and you're thankful for that support. It is probably a huge part of how you've been able to bounce back. Most people who are unable to get through trauma do not have that support and help. Imagine most girls who get pregnant super early and do not have family to rely on or a man who stays by their side... this is when we see people dependent upon government aide, etc. THAT is what I am talking about. YOU have support. Therefore, you've been able to bounce back. Unless people have help, it is very difficult to bounce back. This is why those people deserve compassion. More difficult to take responsibility when you're at the bottom and without support.

Michelle said...

Brittany, again thanks for your input. but I am not referring to my teen pregnancy. Actually that was one of the best experiences I've had.
You obviously do not know, nor had way to know what I went through in my life. and you should just stop there.
again. thanks for your input.

brittanyepage said...

My post was not referring to teen pregnancy being a trauma. I'm aware it was one of the best things to happen to you. You have two beautiful kids. What my post was speaking to was the support you have. Your seemingly incredibly supportive and loving family... I'm sure that was a huge part of what has helped you through your traumas in life. People who go through trauma need that support to bounce back... and unfortunately most people who go through trauma do not have it... which makes it nearly impossible to do so... which makes it difficult for them to simply take responsibility and move on. Being someone who has been through incredible trauma and has zero family to rely on... I do not simply tell those who have to take responsibility for it. It is unrealistic. Especially without support. It is important to take those variables into consideration when prescribing solutions for those who come from traumatic backgrounds such as the ones listed in your blog. THAT is my only point.

brittanyepage said...

Just a side note: Not trying AT ALL to say you haven't had trauma. At all. I am not making that judgement. I'm trying to get you to see a different perspective where it relates to the support you've received from your family in your life and the lack of support others who seem as though they're incapable of getting over their trauma have. You know I like you Michelle. I don't want to offend you.

Sidnee & Stephen said...

WOW. That was some serious dialogue. Michelle, I just want you to know that I think you are a ROCK STAR and I look up to you VERY much. It takes courage to do what you do every day. That quote is inspiring, thank you for sharing.

The Rawlings said...

I loved your thoughts on Oprah. I watched that show too and really enjoyed that quote as well. Thanks for sharing it on your blog. I didn't have a pen and paper with me at the time and I've been trying to remember what the exact quote was. Anyways sure love you girl. Thanks again for sharing that special message.

Andrea said...

You are so sweet! Now I have to go blow my nose and start working on my energy!