Thursday, June 2, 2011

Utah for a Day

Quick trip to Utah.
We made the drive for my Aunt Chelsea's baby shower. And took it upon ourselves to make it a mini girls trip. So, of course, Arli had to make the trip too! Not a real girls' trip without the most dramatic one, right?
We were a bit late to the shower because of the drive (lets just say I didn't think through the whole gas situation and there was a lot of praying involved). The five hour drive explains Arli's ridiculous messy bun haha. Oh jeez.
My two aunts live just down the street from eachother, so it was fun hoppin house to house to see everyone. My aunt Carie's backyard proved to be a great place for pictures.
It all started with a pink balloon. Which Brittany let fly away, and Arli pointed and cried.
Then we jumped. Cause we can. :)
We went shopping, laughed a lot, and had us some fun.
I have to say, I had to force my sister to come. But once I gave up on convining her, she called and decided to go. Whoa guilt trip huh. haha. but really, we had a blast.

I like us. :)

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