Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 More Sleeps

Our days thus far:
Parades. Swings. Late nights. Smores. Cousins. Family. Friends. Swimming. Playing.

What the kids keep talking about:
We are counting down the "sleeps" (as Beck calls it) until camping! (and the reunion OH and Beck's bday.) Beck asks all the time, How many sleeps until camping?
They're pretty focused on it for the weekend.
I love it.
yesterday Arli was saying literally all throughout the day, "I wanna go camping!"
No matter what we asked her, what she wanted to do, what she wanted to eat. That was her answer. And at some points, her tone got a bit fiesty with some stink eye action.
Lucky her, only 2 more sleeps.
If they ever go to sleep tonight that is.

Man, they are talkin up a storm in there right now.


Paige said...

Love the pictures, haha sleeps. Thats awesome. :) aww love ya!!

Janelle said...

Michelle your kids are soooo cute! And I love the way you write about everything. Your blog is so fun. Have fun camping! Sounds like a blast. Oh and bytheway, I'm always amazed at the cute things you make and how crafty you are! Wish I had that talent!

sophia smith said...

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Silvia said...

oh mine mine how fast are my grandkids growing ...I want to hold time still but I cant... more pictures please that is the only way that time can hold still.