Wednesday, July 6, 2011

America's Birthday

I'd say we had a fantastic 4th of July this year. We started with our last day camping.. packed up and made the drive home. Had ourselves a little carwash and such, then went to Tuck's dad's for a BBQ with great family. Kids of course had fun with cousins and good food was eaten.
Tuck came back to reality and did some homework while we played. Then we took our bikes down to the fireworks at Ann Morrison. It was kinda crowded to ride, but we made it.
Along with family, our friends Adam and Jessica (whom we camped with) met us there too.
That Arli girl just loves them. (more to come on that later).
Lots of pictures taken.
Lots of snacks.
And lots of fireworks.
Just lots of Fun.

I feel super blessed to live in this amazing country. And am so grateful for the men and women who serve to keep it free. Especially the family supporting those men and women. My sister in law, Kendra, comes to mind especially. :) We love you Barrett and Kendra!
And I'm so glad my grandparents went through all the trouble they did to come to this country and bring their 6 kids with them.
This country is truly amazing!

After that fun weekend, I'm not even gonna lie. It was hard to come back to reality after a long weekend of awesome camping with some equally awesome friends.
So hard. Lucky for me my reality is still fun, with kids and swimming, just with errands and other motherly duties.
Tucker's reality is a little more brutal haha. work, school, homework, train, work, school, homework, train, onnnn repeat.
BUT even luckier is we leave again tomorrow to Yellowstone for Tuck's Munson side Family reunion. We can't wait!

A camping recap post to come soon. That is, if I get to it. :)


Kelli said...

I will miss you when you're gone but have fun!

Live Joyful said...

Have a blast in yellowstone! You're kiddos are going to have so much fun! Cute pics from the fourth!