Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day to my awesome Husband,
my own Dad, both my father-in-laws, and my brother-in-laws!
Woh .. that's lots of awesome fatherness goin on!
To my husband of 4 1/2 years (wowza)...
Thank you for stepping up and being thee most amazing father to our kids.
Thank you for working hard and bringin home the bacon for our little family.
Thank you for going to school (and going back again and again) and studyin your cute buns off to bring home more bacon in the future for our growing family.
Thank you for always being so happy to be home from work/school, and play with the kids, they adore you.
Thank you for having passion about the things you love: sports, music, being funny ;)
Thank you for having a sense of humor.
Ultimately really, for being you, with me,thus being us.

Happy Fathers Day babycakes!

Picture tiiiime:
Kiddos playin with pops in the backyard. Like I said, they adore him.
No one is as fun as Daddy, duh.
And I just had to throw these in. haha
That Arli girl!! the look on her face while copyin daddy was to die for.

That last picture is just me showin off my baby's daddy's honkin tough calfs.
Yeah. See 'em? you can't miss em. They are manly tough. My brother likes to refer them as the ultimate Man-Calves, and talks highly of them. hahah.

I lucked out in the baby's daddy department.

Have a great Father's day everyone :)


Live Joyful said...

You guys make such a beautiful family.
Glad Tucker is such a great Dad and Hubby!

Silvia said...

thanks Tucker you are a great father..the kids adore you!