Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Summer Start

First week of real summer. Now that the summer weather is here to stay, we spent our week in it's glory. Swimmin lessons past two weeks. Roaring springs, swim lessons, and a pool party all on Monday.
We made our way out to Sandy pointe on Wedensday with my brother and his friends. Which was a blast. but smelly. The kids got used to their life jackets a bit. And Arli was fearless as usual. Beck was timid.. and hated the sand. But he conquered it by the end. (So proud) And they had some fun water wars with one of Ryan's friends. It was so fun.
And today we might hit up Roaring Springs again. but only 77 degrees isn't as inviting as 95 was earlier this week. Man, am I gettin sun greedy already?
I lather the kids up in sunscreen. I do. But you couldn't tell I ever did because of their glorious tanning abilities. My cousin had a good term for this, "Indian Baby" yes. that is what I have. My little Arli is bout as brown as me already after 3 official days in the sun so far. I'll still do my duty as a mom and lather them up though.
I'm so glad summer is here.
This week has been so fun. I'm so looking forward to more fun with family and friends the rest of the summer.

Some things coming up:

4th July weekend (next weekend FYI)- Camping in Cascade with friends. SO excited for this. We have great friends!

The following weekend is Tucker's mom's side Family Reunion. The Munson Reunion in
Yellowstone. So looking forward to this too! Wish it wasn't so far, but all the fun to be had will be worth it. I'm excited for the kids to be in Yellowstone and hopefully they'll think Old Faithful is pretty cool. Cause I do.

Beck's Birthday is July 17th. The kid will be 4. :) I'm not so much sad about this birthday. I'm excited for him to be out of number 3. I think 5 will be a hard one next year.

Following Beck's birthdays are a few fun-filled family birthdays.

Woah, I can already tell July will go fast.

Photo Credits-Ryan Hope : Thanks ryan for snapping these. Sorry my camera had the wrong memory card and only took like.. 5. haha. Next time!

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Paige said...

Awww. Sounds like you guys are off to a great start for the summer! I wish we had a bunch of fun plans, all we have is wedding after wedding... hopefully we can squeeze in a family camping trip somewhere in there! You are such a good mommy :) Haha loadin up on sunscreen, gotta do it!