Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Campers

Here is my picture re-cap of camping over the 4th July weekend.

Tuck, Beck, Arli and Jessica settin up the tent(duh I had to take pics).
Hilarious Beck sportin his goggles from Jessica.
Along with some flexing moves.
And then bein so distrought from me taking pictures of him, he had to ponder in his chair by the lake.
Beautiful Jessica.
Cutest puppies ever. Jack and Lula.
And daddy takin the kids to see the herd of sheep that came down the road every evening.
Tuck and Adam carryin the kids on 2nd night of Sheep watching.
Arli snackin her heart out.
And downing 7ups. Only when camping.
Arli loooovin swimmin in the lake with Daddy. It was a bit nerve wrecking for me.
Jess and I took the kids to the parade while the boys golfed. They loved it.
Except for the water being sprayed on them, as you can see Jessica consoling a very sad Arli.
Adam and Tucker are the cutest little shoulder ride givers ever. :)

Adam held Arli in a time of need (ya know ... when ya just need a second break from crazy disobeying children) And of course Arli was so peaceful, layed there, and fell asleep in his arms.
Kels and I made a sand castle. complete with a winding moat. yes impressive.
The tradition continues. Well i dunno about tradition.. but we always end up playing it! Monopoly went a bit too long. The boys can go for hours. literally. As you can see in the pic, tucker is looking at his watch. yeah. hours.
And a lovely pic of the happy couple. On a drive to what turned out to be around the whole payette lake. Lovely. No really, it was. Kids fell asleep and Tuck and I had a lil break.
Our friendly happy camper family :)
The Botkin fam, The Pences, and the Doss fam.
Notice Tucker has Jack burrowed in his sweatshirt.
Love it. It made me like him a lot ;)
The boys and the girls had to take seperate pics ... duh.

Camping was so fun. It was especially nice to relax and just be. Well in between tending to kids. But our friends were pretty much their second parents there. They are amazing with our kids. And Beck and Arli talk about them all the time.
We are preeetttyyy lucky to have found friends that we love, and who love our kids. (and don't mind them hanging out with us pretty much most of the time.)
Thank you for the awesome camping spot Doss fam. It was gorgeous.. and the whole weekend was a blast!

p.s. Doss, we are dyin for some of that delicious sausage you coooked for breakfast.


Live Joyful said...

This looks like so much fun! :) Great pics Michelle!

Sidnee & Stephen said...

I'm glad you guys had so much fun! Great pics, great fun. You're kids are adorable, and the puppies too!