Saturday, August 6, 2011

Annnnd its August.

You see that cute baldy back there? Yeah. That's my new husband. Tucker decided to "reward", that is the exact word he used, to "reward" himself for getting straight A's this summer school semester. What's the reward you ask?? A shaved head. It was pretty traumatic. This guy begs to shave his head.. he would have it like this all year round if he could. But, I'm sorry.. I just find a guys with hair a bit hotter. Well he kept asking and while asking one time he was in the bathroom and totally just did it. I wasn't expecting that man! He buzzed a line right on top. Pretty sure I was like "what are you DOINNNG??" and he popped out from the bathroom, buzzer in hand and said "What?" With a huge guilty smile on his face. Like I said, it was traumatic... for me. It was the shortest possible without straight up biccin' it. Boo! I hated it the first couple of days. But now, it has grown on me. As long as he has some facial hair too, it's not too shabby. Babe, if you're reading this, that doesn't mean you should do it EVER again :) (like THAT is realistic, HAH)
But the guy did deserve something he wanted. I am so pleased and proud of him for gettin great grades last semester. Especially summer school! Just the time and work that takes, and with a family, let alone a little son named Beck saying "Are you done with your homework yet to play with me?" -constantly. :)
We missed him! But now we got him for a couple more weeks before Fall semester starts and we are taking advantage of it. Beck still sometimes asks, "Do you have any homework?" -Just out of habit haha. Oh boy, he'll be askin that for the next 3 years. And then some later on.
The rest of August should be good. We got Tuck's Sprint Triathlon next saturday. We got birthdays, weddings, and lots of summer to take care of.

I know August only just started but I am looking forward to Fall.
Yes, Fall. I'll use up my Roaring springs pass to the max, and then I'm ready.
I can't lie. I'm sick of my tryin to look cute with my non cute shorts. I'm ready for my skinny jeans and 20 cardigans waiting for me in my closet.
Yes, 20. But don't judge.
It's hard for me to part with any of them, even if I don't wear 'em.
So they just grow into a big cardi family whom I love.


Kelli said...

I wish I was your size so I could borrow some cute cardis. If you find any in a medium while thrifting, get it and I'll pay you (but only if you think it's cute).

Eric & Crystal Marshall said...

Ha ha ha! Eric is the SAME way with wanting his head shaved. He tells me I don't understand cause I don't have thick hair like he does . . . loser, he should just appreciate it! lol. And I agree! Im a little over this horendously hot summer weather we have been having. I'm excited for mild temps, we didn't have much of a spring - it was Cold and then HOT - so I'm excited for cardigan wearing weather too! :)