Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Peruvian in Singapore

Bye Mamasita and Dad.

They offiially are off to Singapore. It's been a brewin' for a while.. and actually going, and an official date was always unsure. But it happened. I took them to the airport yesterday morning. And it was good and sad.

I cried. You might call me a baby. And sure, go ahead. You might think "Man she's pathetic.. I don't even have my parents in the same state as me" And sure go ahead. It's kinda like those long months we were in California.. but not. This time I'll have everyone around me but her. You see, since we live with them, my kids are totally grandma love spoiled. Meaning, she was always playing with them in her spare time. And by playing, I mean REALLY playing. Making up games, singing, dancing, exploring. I don't quite know how she does it :)
I'm gonna miss my mom. Everything we did togethe and the huge help she is. But even more what made me cry, was seeing how hard it was for her and the kids to say goodbye. I could tell she was holding back tears. For my sake probably. But it didn't make it less sad. They were both just sad. Beck especially. Even Arli yelled after grandma when she walked into the airport. When we got home Beck just said, "Nope, Grandmas not here..."
It just breaks my little heart okay?!?! And I think that is allowed.
The good news is.. they will be back by mid December. So in reality, it really isn't all too long.
And life will go along just fine until they return. Although she's missing some holidays and weddings and babies being born, she will be back in time for Christmas. And I think it will be a GREAT christmas this year.

Tuck and I are holdin down the fort. This nice lovely fort they left us. And it will be good.
The one thing I find bothersome.. is when people say "This will be a good experience for you guys." And I'm thinkinnn "what are ya tryin to say?" HA really though. What ARE they tryin to say? We are already adults here.. not like we aren't responsible already.
And then people say "Oh it will be so fun to have the house to yourselves.. be like your own house".... and I think "No. Not even close actually." It is and will be my moms house. it is their decor, their pictures, their... everything. Which is good. Our house will come one day.. and it will be glorious. But everything will be the same here.. just not them in it. Not like we're takin over the master and jacuzzi or anything people.

For the next 4 1/2 months. Skype will be our family's best friend.
I will be jealous of her adventures. And beach time.
And I will miss my mother tremendously.
I am just lucky she is one of my B.F.F's and stuff ;)

I will say one thing... Rex (my dad's german shepherd) just lays by their door waiting. and waiting. It breaks my heart. He knew it was coming though. When we were putting the luggage in the tahoe, Rex totally jumped in the back. And tried again when ALL the luggage was in there.
That pup. He might need some more lovin while they're gone.

I feel like I'm going on and on.. I guess I just miss my mommy.
Yeah I said it, and I'm okay with that.

P.S. If anyone wants to donate $5,000 for me to go visit... I'm down. HA


Kelli said...

You're cute!

Erin Dougal said...

Aw.... you'll be fine. I promise. I know that if I had my mom around all the time to help and be my best friend I would feel the exact same way. Consider yourself lucky! But you can totally get through it, you are one strong lady!

Paige said...

I almost teared up. This was sweet, my Mom and Dad are going to Sun Valley from today until tomorrow and I miss them. I see my mom almost every day and if I miss a day then it feels a little off. You can come play with us all the time to pass time??? :)

Rossana said...

I feel for you, you will miss your mommy, and I will miss my sister. All I can say is that she will miss you as much or even more! She is there with your dad, but her grandbabies and kids are here. At least when we were expats in Costa rica we had some of our kids, but she doesn't. Call me if you need a hug, I'll drop everything and come over. Love ya!

Silvia said...

oh my dear daugther, how dear I hold you to my heart specially my dearest grandchildren that I love...I cant even speak...thanks for the good memories there are not to many grammas that get to bond with their grandchildren like this..althoug is sad I feel deep inside thats is all good you are an amzing mommy, the day Brittany turn 21 it was like I went into a reversal mode and I thank my heavenly father that your sweet family was there to help me find my way back to into the future I have always get support in everything I do from you all my children but when a 3 year old boy believes that I can touch the sky and bring him back a star is the sweetest though and inspiration to be determined by trusting myself to believe and if I believe I can accomplish anything ...I believe in miracles ,you and your sweet family is one of them, thank you for being my friend and most of all for the gift of grandchildren ...I love you!