Friday, August 12, 2011

Arli Pilar Troublemaker

This girl, I like to call my free spirit child.
She keeps me on my toes.
And tests my patience.
But is the stinking darn cutest thing ever.
Recipe for greatness right?

Scenario Uno- Kinda Scary! Arli, in the car. Buckled up in Beck's seat. Both garage doors opened. Easily could have turned into the scariest lost child case ever. But luckily, Arli decided to trap herself in the carseat. Just strange I tell you. I KNEW things were too quiet. Plus. when I grabbed my camera to take pictures she frreeaked out. So I had to just crack the door open and sneak it. And let's just say that now I lock the door leading OUT to the garage. Yes. She's officially caged in.

Scenario Dos- Okay this is just too dang cute.. see the cute side she has! She has 2 doggie beanie babies whom she sleeps with on her chest everynight. Apparently one needed a nap time today.
I tell you.. her and dogs. Something special :)

I stinkin love this wild child of mine.
Oh and whoever said boys are harder: A big "HA" to them. :)

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Kelli said...

So stinking cute!