Sunday, August 14, 2011

Swim, Bike, Run.

Tucker's first Sprint Triathlon was yesterday. He did Emmett's Most Excellenet Triathlon.
Tuck did great! His time was 1:22. Which is awesome cause his goal was somewhere around 1:40ish? But the guy doesn't give himself enough credit.
He also got first in his age group! P-rettyy cool if you ask me. He got to stand up on the podium and recieve his medal. What a stud!!
And yes. He's addicted.
I see many more trithlons in his future.
And I love it! 1. It's a great "hobby"!
2. It's just legit.
3. I reap the benifits of his hot bod!
So who's really the winner here?

Here's a collage of pics from the race! Going in order from the Start at the swim and the swim to bike transition. (we totally missed him at the Bike to Run Transition, we didn't expect him to swim so fast.) And then at the finish! I got some rad video of the finish! Including a little spewing. And of course we had to grab some ice cream on the way out! If you know Tuck, he is a hardcore lover of ice cream. He even incorporated ice cream in his training diet. Crazy I tell you.

Let me just lastly say... this guy has wanted to do a triathlon for over 2 years now! Finally this last spring we were able to purchase a road bike for him (thank you Walmart:). And thus his new hobby came alive! He rides to bike/school, runs, and goes to the Y to swim all with his buseh school schedule and hellooo Family time!
He was training pretty fantastically, then summer school started and he got some, but not all, workouts in. I think he did awesome! But he's itchin' to do better.
He was so excited to get this first one under his belt!
And so was I! It was a bit stressful as a spectactor. HA.
Luckily we had Tuck's mom Kim and Mike take the kids the night before and they were a HUGE help with the kids at the race! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'm so proud of my Tuck. I love me a stud.

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