Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Fair

The Good ol' Western Idaho Fair.
I have not been to the fair since before I had Beck.. so that was 5 years ago. It was about time we went back! The kids absolutely LOVED it. As they should. Beck had been looking forward to it all day. And they did awesome. They really behaved really well, which was a huge plus!
First we checked out the animals. duh! OHmygosh. I had no idea Beck was gonna like it so much. Arli, yes she'd love it, given. Beck also, loved it though!
Then we met up with Tuck's family for some fair rides! What a stinkin blast.. I loved watching Beck experience it all for the first time. And that Arli stinker. Some of the carni's let her on (which they SHOULD she is tall enough) but some wouldn't. So it was hit and miss with her. The rides were so fun for them though, and just a blast to watch their faces through it all. Pure joy for them.
We wore them out, (better yet our tickets wore out) and we got some pronto pups, (dissapointing) and headed back to the petting zoo.
We made it to the juggling act.. which sadly wasn't great. But Beck seriously loved it! He was totally intrigued and it surprised me how much out of his comfort zone he was, just by trying to volunteer for stuff and sitting up really close. Loved watching him more than the show :)
We caught the very last bit of the hipnotism show and decided we needa go back without the kiddos for the whole thing. I have never seen a legit one. The one at my senior party totally does not count (Tuck was fakin it the whole time,, ruined it for me)
We left the fair having had a GRAND time.. Beck is already talking about "Next year" for the fair. Yeah, we told him the fair was closed after that night. One day kid.. we'll do all sorts of stuff.
SO glad we went. We had so much fun. Pleasantly surprised :)

1. Beck gettin his shirt eaten by a goat. 2. Beck lovin and laughin about it.
3. Arli and Dax goin on a ride. She doesn't look happy.. thats a lie.
4. Beck on his first ride with Bo. His face was hilarious. He LOVED it and was hooked.

1. Eden, Bo, and Beck on another ride where you spin it yourself while it goes around.
2. Beck realizing Eden and Bo are super good spinners.. perhaps gettin queasy. loved it!
3. Arli gazin at the fishies at one of the creepy carnie booths.
4. Arli on their last ride. She was thrilled she found one she could go on! Pure bliss. love that pic.

1. Arli recouping from a meltdown after being regected from a ride. Tuck got her happy again and put her up on his shoulders. Just as soon as she laughed, she was crying again.
2. Beck pickin Arli up. Love.


Silvia said...

Wow you guys really had a blast!! when I saw the goat I though oh oh goats like t-shirts and then they were laughin then I was laughin then Arli was sad then I was sad with her then Beck made her smile , I was like rigth there with you all hould see me I still have a smile on my face thank you for sharing it with me ..moaa

Janelle said...

Michelle your kids are SO cute! Arli is just gorgeous. Makes me wish we were in Idaho to experience a good ol' country western fair. None of those out here:)