Saturday, August 27, 2011

Splash N' Dash

Beck did his first all for fun Splash N' Dash kid's triathlon.
How legit is that?
He's been stoked for it, counting down the sleeps. He was so excited to show what he could do.

Here's a picture run through of what went down :)
Beck waiting for the race to start! He was super patient.. and even flexed for me :) Look at that cute number written on his cute buff arm! love it.

After one last flex he made his way up the ladder and down the water slide. he was hesitant to go down the slide.. but not because of the slide itself, because of the dirty puddle of water. The kid hates getting dirty.. weird.
BUT he coquered it! he wanted to cry so bad but toughened up and made his way to the bike transition with Tuck. And on to the bike! it was surprisingly long.. for a 4 yrd old. nothing he couldn't handle, but I was surprised.

Made his way through the bike to run transition and set off on the last leg of the race. Finishing sgtrong!! What a stud!
So proud of this litte boy. He wanted to do it and he did. I was unsure how he would do going out of his comfort zone but he did awesome! I know he felt so accomplished and proud of that medal! And he was excited to see family there supportin him!
The thing is... we didn't force him to do this (forcing is impossible with this one). I told him about it and asked him if he wanted to and he was stoked.
Not only is it freakin cute wathing little bodies do this, it is such a good start on the right path of health and fitness.
Can't wait till next year! Watch out, Arli might surprise ya :)


Paige said...

Love everything about this :) SO FUN!

Erin Dougal said...

That is probably the cutest thing ever.

Silvia said...

Im so happy smiling ear to ear reading and looking at the pictures I can really say that he is Michelle and tuckers Kid he loves sports so much he not only enjoy the sports but he plays sports mentally he can invisioned before he touches te ground now that is a gift a talent that I notest he had since he was born he always likes to hold a football a bat a basketball a soccer ball I'm not kidding, he is a natural watch out world ..Beck officially arrive! have fun Beck! I know he still my litle beck and thats how it should stay !

Kim Denison said...

He is such a rock star! What a fun thing! Gettin him training early :) I like it.

Carrie said...

You have an amazing little fella! I love his drive for sports! He looks so cute and is such a stud at the same time. You have an great way of telling the story just right Michelle!! Thanks for keeping us posted!!

Kelli said...

what a stud!

Shay and Kira said...

This is so stinkin cool! What a stud!