Monday, August 1, 2011


It is 7:48 AM and the chillins are still sleeping.
Very odd. But it has been happening a little bit more frequently. And I am loving it.
They used to wake up at 8am every morning. But once summer came it creeped its way back to 7. So this is very nice. Even though my internal alarm clock wakes me up about 7:15, I love being awake before them.
And since I am awake, I'm gonna share these pics :)
Look at those cute tummies!! I just love it.
After Beck's birthday party (holymoly-2 weeks ago) We had Beck's cousin mister Bo spend the night. Fun stuff for a 4 yr old right?
They had a blast.. they slept on the floor. and even Arli requested she sleep on the floor. They woke up, we had some pancakes and played in the backwyard with the sprinkler.
It was a good time.

Ya know what I love? Beck and Arli having some fabulous cousins. We are SO thankful for the other little ones our kids have the chance to grow up with.
And this whole sprinkler/sleepover thing... will probably be a staple in the cousin life. I hope :)

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