Friday, September 30, 2011

Bath Time Ponder

Bath time. Arli and Beck- September 2010
I had a great moment last night.

I love bath time. Well let me restate that... I love bathtime when I take the time to slow down and ENJOY bathtime... (rather than the kids whining, "my eyyyyeess", fighting) I love the singing, the giggling, the clean baby smell.

Last night, I got the kids out of the bath, wrapped them up in their towels, and sent them on their way to their dad in their bedroom. I started pickin up all the bath toys left in the tub. I rushed them getting out of the tub, so I can't complain.
As I picked up the letters, numbers, and dozens of baby rubber duckies, a feeling just wooshed over me.
An unconditional love feeling.
Then a kinda surreal feeling.. like "Whoa... I'm 23 (well almost) and cleaning up bath toys .. from my 2 kids" came over me.
Tucker was in the other room getting them in their pajamas.. I could hear them giggle. Bedtime always starts with a ruckus with Daddy.
I thought about the whirlwind it had been to get here.
And that surreal feeling just kept sneakin up on me... not bad surreal.. just.. "wow" surreal.
I'm 22 with 2 kids, 19 months apart.
This is my life...

And I wouldn't want it any other way.
I am so gratefuly I've been blessed with everything falling into place.
Because... those two rascals. I love them.. dearly.
And I love being their Ma.

All the experiences I missed out on in the single adult years... can never amount to the experiences and moments I've had with these two adorable children.


Landon & Julie said...

i LOVE this post! Just beautiful!

Paige said...

That is a pretty cute picture :) And you are such a good Mamma! Presh!

Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

You know, most single adults are just spending their life trying to acquire what you have. Just sayin. Very sweet post.

Kim Denison said...

Girlfriend AMEN. And let me tell you this. If anyone every makes you feel, or attempts to make you feel like you're missing out for some reason... just think about the time they are wasting, the joy that they aren't experiencing.

I've had people, or "friends" as I used to call them make me feel that way. I don't feel bad anymore. Lurv ya!