Saturday, October 8, 2011


I'm a list girl. 
I make countless lists for anything and everything...
Like really..
I have about 3 different types of "To-Do" lists.
And who doesn't love post-its.
Well these new Avery See-through Sticky Notes are brilliant.
I used them for my to-do lists in my event planning notebooks this past week.
But what's even cooler to use this for is school. Yeah. I'm not a college student- (and definitely not a high school student, thank you very much.) But my husband is. I gave him a pack to try out and before he even opened it, he was like a kid on Christmas morning. What a revolutionary idea! Sticky notes... that you can see through. He used them and raved about the convenience of placing them in his textbooks. He could jot things down, circle things, and write things to remember for tests etc.. and place the sticky note right over the information and it was completely transparent.
What a concept huh! He loves them. 
And not only that.. but this office product company Avery is doing an awesome campaign to contribute to schools called Avery Sticky Notes Mark the Spot sweepstakes.
Imagine what you cand do with Avery Sticky notes and what schools can do with 1/2 million Box Tops coupons!
20,000 people who register for the sweepstake will win a free pack of the Avery See-Through sticky notes. Five of those winners will be randomly selected to reveive 100,000 Box Tops coupons ($10,000 value) to apply to a school of their choice.
Just go to the Avery facebook page and sign up to win a free pack of Sticky Notes and choose the school you'd like the money to go to if you should win. Simple and a great cause.

Just for readin this great post about the campaign.. Avery is giving away 6 packs of these awesome sticky notes!
Just comment below with you're email address and if you are feeling extra nice become a follower. 
Winner will be chosen randomly on Tuesday morning, Oct 11. 

Try your lucky out... Odds are good since I don't have a ton of commenters here :)
Because once I restock the Etsy shop.. I will be doing a little giveaway from my own handmade items. 


Paige said...


YAY for post its!

Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

I'm a follower, of course! And I want to win.

adam.jessica said...

I freaking LOVE sticky notes! You should see my desk at work :)

Monte and Brittany said...

OOOO i want one! haha Monte, like Tucker, i bet would LOVE these! lol