Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beck-The Big Bad Pre-schooler

Beck's First day of Pre-school...
okay.. I lied.
..3rd day of Pre-school.
(mom fail on the first day pics stuff)
But the 3rd is just as good, if not bettery I say! 

I told Beck to smile for me. And that first pic on the left is seriously exactly what he did. 
What. The. Heck.
Then it hit me. My brother Brandon does this pose. And always tries to get Beck to pose with him, with failure. But, apparently it stuck in his head.. cause that's what he whipped out. Hilarious. I call it the Squat-gangsta-bicep-flex. Yeah. 
That second pose is still a typical flexing pose. With added smile requested by moi. 

 And here are my little two bambinos.
Beck all ready for school... Arli .. well just bein Arli.
The ACTUAL first day, I didn't have time to live in the moment and feel my emotions of "letting go". Arli completely stole the moment with her crying of sadness. So I said bye to Beck and he was just fine!! And has loved it since! But Arli... ooooh Arli. She was heartbroken. Her best friend was taken away, if only for a few hours.
She tolerates it fine now. But last week was rough for her.. It was even heartbreaking for me watching HER. Yeah. Sad.

The best part about Beck in pre-school. (other than the time he gets away from home and learning and such) He comes home just talkin' up a storm about what he did, learned, and all that jazz. It is thee cutest thing ever. And he beams when he shows me all his papers he worked on and colorings. I love it.
I am officially the mother of a pre-schooler.
It's weird.


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Silvia said...

He look so older are you sure he is only 4 ..my grandson is growing up..and my sweet Arli is so stinking cute..I love youuuuu!!