Sunday, September 11, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Date

Miss Arli had her first Daddy-daughter date on Friday. 

This is one of the many things that I longingly envisioned my little girl having. Maybe because I didn't have anything close to this, or maybe because it's just So stinking cute, or maybe cause it is one of the best things a little girl can have.
At any rate, it was seriously the cutest thing ever. Not that I got to witness it all... sadly. :)
Tucker took her to the mall. To go on the "magic stairs" as many times as she wished. And to walk up stairs all by herself.  It is amazing what kids love doing when us parents take the time to LET them. Simple things I tell you!

Tucker took her to Claires.... oh my. I took her in there last month.. to cure her frantic meltdown at the mall. Magic. And just like that time, she pointed out things she wanted, which is pretty much everything. I told Tucker to stear her towards the earings. (She was in dier need, and hey if we're gonna spend money.. its gotta be on something she'll need & still love)
Needless to say, she had a blast.
To be honest.. she was hesitant at first to go. The girl is just stuck at the hip with me, like for real. She rarely lets Daddy do anything for her. You can imagine the frustration. So I've been tellin Tuck they need their one-on-one time.
But once she got her shoes on, she was ready to go! And look at that pic up ther^^... The girl is rubbing Daddy's ear. HAHAH She just knows how to play him. It's hilarious. And that smile ^^ THAT is my smiley Arli, which I neverrr get pictures of. Ain't she cute :)

Arli girl in Claires. In girl heaven. She put the purse on her arm and said "Take a picture Daddy!" 

That girl is so lucky to have a sweet loving Daddy, whom she has wrapped around her finger at this point. haha. :)


Royce said...

she is a doll! so fun to have daddy daughter dates! girls sure know how to melt their daddies hearts!

Paige said...

Ah! How precious is that? Seriously. Like I just melted a little bit because of this post! I want Brett and Brooklyn to go on a daddy/daughter date! But she is attached to me at the hip as well, I can't imagine she'd go haha. Well anyway, cute!!! :)

Silvia said...

michelle you and Britt where glue to my hip also I will suggest to any mom to do what you did because thats when the real bonding starts is been proven by many research you want your daugther to have a good relationship bond with them now dont hesitate, I wish I would have just let you cry and just go..I remenber you starting going with your dad when you were a teen because finally you agree.. sweet memories..remenber when he gave you the ring ..never is to late to do the rigth thing but why wait ..I'm so proud of you , you really are doing all tose litle things that make a family stick toguther forever!