Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Happiness

Our labor day weekend was busy... it went fast. And as always it was much enjoyed. We had friends over  on multiple occasions and played some serious fun games, and caught up with old friends. We went to the park with my brother&company and laughed at the people around us. nice, i know.

But my favorite thing we did was run errands on Monday. Errands... in the hot hot hot car.
We went to a couple places just for simple things.
 First stop, Walmart. Didn't the whiteboard calendar we went for. Tuck took a bathroom break and me and the kids made our way to the board games isle and browsed.
The kids wandered in the surrounding toy isles.. Arli saying "I want this for my birthday!" for just about every pink toy there. And I just say "okay Arli!" and she is very satisfied with that answer.
Beck found the dollar hot wheels.. and I always let him choose one. I find it so amusing to watch him choose just one. He thinks and looks long and hard about it. And then when he finally makes a decision... it is the most random one there. Today he surprised me and chose a semi-normal one. Cute kid.
Tucker came back and the kids of course were excited to show him everything they found.
An old familiar song was playing and when I walked towards Tucker he became my dream man and he danced with me in the isle. Seriously.. I love this man. I giggled like a little girl and we ended our dance with a quick squeeze on the tush. yeah, I said it.
In the next isle Beck did some DJ'ing for us on some barbie turn tables to end our Walmart trip.

Next stop, Offic Depot. ......... Scratch that. $40 whitebaords aren't really our style.

We then went to Shopko, surely shopko could pull through!
And surprisingly they did. (Who knew with how empty that store is) I found Tuck's whiteboard and he was pretty pleased with it, or himself, Who knows. So pleased, he started doin his dance moves down the isle.
This isn't a shocker.. He does these dance moves quite often in stores. I am not sure what provokes it. But it happens. He came back my way, and I knew I had to capture that moment.. I told him I just wanted to look at something in the other isle.. so then he continued dancing, And I whipped out my camera and recorded him in all his glory. It was quite hilarious.
 As always, the best part is when he catches me. That kinda embarrased goofy grin. Love it.

And that is why I love my little family oh so much.
The little things :)

And here we are in all our awkward glory. I mean Tuck looks good.. but what's my face doin?

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