Sunday, September 4, 2011

Balloon Night Glow

We went to the Hot Air Balloon Night Glow this weekend. Is that even what it's called? I have no idea. I just keep makin up new names for it. 
We met some friends there and it was so fun! We are so lucky to have awesome kids who like hanging out with our adult friends haha. 
I had never been to this thing before.. and yeah.. I totally grew up in Boise. But whateva. It was so much fun though. They were mesmerized. Beck really wanted to go see the balloons in the morning.. and was so bummed when they missed them on their way out of town yesterday morning. 
We are definitely making this a family tradition.. and next hopefully we can add the morning part cause, heck, they are up that early anyway most the time.

Family at the Balloon Glow

Amazingness! Kids loved it.. especially with Daddy. Arli couldn't help but pull a classic nose pick.
My hot huz holdin her girlie.. and the happy couple! 

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Kelli said...

That looks so fun. I wish it was next weekend. Miss you guys!