Monday, September 26, 2011

Robin' it.

Today.. I did not get ready. 
I got showered after my workout, buuutt that's about it.
Usually these days I at least put some normal pants on.. cause I babysit and see parents throughout the day. But nope. not today. And it did not even bother me that my face was bare. :)
The thing is.. it's not like it was a "bad day" type of not getting ready day. It was a grand day. And I got things done still. Amazing what a woman can do in comfy clothes all day... I had forgotten.

I went to the kitchen to get dinner started. A bit cold for me, I put on my comfiest robe. It's practically a snuggie.
Arli came in the kitchen.. "What are you wearing?"
I giggled.
Oh Arli.... learn you must.
I told her I had a surprise for her. She got all giddy. And we both ran to her room with excitement. Literally giggling the whole way. I couldn't wait for her to see what I had in store for her.
Not one, but two comfy robes to choose from for her to wear.
How's a girl to choose? Hot pink or light pink... Hot pink or light pink?
She chose hot pink.. slipped it on. And we giggled and skipped all the way back to the kitchen.
I continued to cook..And I thought.. oh my goodness. I love this.
Beck came in the kitchen..
"uhhh what are you guys wearing?"

If I had a robe for him... he would have learned also.. But alas he was out of our robe circle. And he pretty much laughed at us. Whatev dude.

I'm pretty much kickin myself i didn't snap a photo of us in our robes..

[insert cute pic of robed me and mini me here]

It was glorious day in comfy, ugly clothes... that made me look fat. Pretty great!
And won't be doin that for the next 10 days (hopefully) My amazing friend Rachelle has put together an outfit challenge that lasts 10 days. Go to her Cents of Style Facebook page and "like" her and check it out if you wanna join me :) I'm secretly looking forward to it! Well.. not so much secretly.

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Paige said...

I LOVE comfy clothes! :) When I leave the house I get dressed and when I get back home I go right back to my comfy clothes, when your playin with your peeps and loungin around ya gotta be comfy! :) Cute post!