Sunday, September 25, 2011

Botkin Moments

Beck bein cool in front of Old Faithful at Yellowstone back in July this summer

Some moments of late.

-Tucker called me 21. He's been forgeting our real age lately... Come on! don't shorthand me!
-Changing my shirt in the car (tuck driving) Not just my shirt... but the g top too. Yeah I have speicific tops for tops. It was quite successful. I created a secret non-flashing way.
-At the pawn shop with my love and lovies. I showed Tuck a ring that i lurved. And said "Man you should have come here for my wedding ring." .... Duh, Michelle!! i coulda smacked myself in the face right then. Duh, I still love my ring you picked out! I imagine pickin out a ring is hard. How's an 18yr old boys supposed to know, ya know?
-Going down the escalator at the airport with two kids and one gets hurt and cries in the echoing part of the airport for 10 minutes. I looked like the worst 16 yr old mother ever.
-Bought the works for my monthy bill at Walgreens the other day. Lady was completely weird and strange. As she continued to ignore me, i grabbed my receipt myself and headed out the door- right as she said "oh hunny heres your couupons.*.and another one. and another one.* repeat 5 times. All i could say was "Really?! Pads and tampons, eh?" Apparently thats the coupon winner this week... Hopefully the line of men behind me could use the tip.

-Hearing THEE most hilarious story of my life from Tucker's childhood. And he thought it was totally normal. Those are the best. I can only say... it has to do with behing pantsless. Was the hardest I've laughed in some time. It was like.. more than cry laughing. Beyond that.
-A sweet beautiful baby being born this week. Wishin I had one to cuddle myself. Yeah, I said it.
-Pickin up my dad from the airport and the kids running to greet him. Didn't expect them to.
-Mom sent home some amazing clothes she bought for us in Singapore. I lurve and miss her to the max!
-Beck got the sweetest robot from Singapore and Arli got 3 dresses and 3 of the cutest little dolls i've ever seen in my life.
-Arli knows the whole BSU fight song.. and sings is randomally and pretty often. It's just that little cute girly voice singin it that makes it 10x sweeter.

Tomorrow's a new day and fresh start. Fresh starts a great.
But i'm going to enjoy the rest of my day today... so-o-o much.
I love weekends.

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