Thursday, November 17, 2011


I'm 28 years old!
Or at least thats how old I feel ;)
I am the big 2-3.. its a biggie.. but not really at all.
In my mind.. my birthday can just come around and around. Because I never feel my age anyway. And that will ring true when I'm older.. i'm sure I won't feel old. So there. My brother did call me and say.. "You're a real adult now.. 23 is the age..." I laughed and said "Ryan I've been a "real" adult since I was 18"... He laughed and said "Oh yeah.. you're right."

I've had a grand birthday! Yes it was the 16th, Wed. And yes.. I'ts Friday.. But hey if my kids are still telling me Happy Birthday I'll take it!
But about my ACTUAL Birthday..With my mom out of the country.. The middle of my day was kinda.. just sad in my mind. But I am so blessed with the people in my life who made it extra special to fill the void.
Like a friend from my ward who made these DELISH cupcakes and delivered them to me. 
I was so touched that she even thought of me. 
7:40 am. Wake up
The kids bombarded me right when we woke up with "Happy Birthday"s, hugs, and their gift. Just Dance 3. :D haha.. I admit.. I love the just dance games!
After some smoochin and thank yous, Tucker headed off to school to study and for tests. ( I don't think Finals week should fall during my bday week ever again.. its just cruel.... Note: not that i'm takin any tests of anythin..)
My amazing friend from my ward surprised with a text asking if she could take the kids so I could have some time to myself.. Wowza! Yes please! They went off to their friends house.. had loads of fun.. And I showered, blow-dried my hair.. weird, ran an errand, and then just wandered and ended up at D.I.  sans kids. It was so great. But also a tinge of lonliness settled in.. but then I shook it off immediately.
I scored a lot of skinny ties for my love.$1.00 each.. he was just sayin how he needed new ties.

Elbow patches sweater for Beck.. I was just sayin how I wanted one for him. 

The kids returned home, I was praactically waiting at the door, and they were even fed lunch.. Vuutt? I don't even needa make them lunch?!? So i pigged out on chips and dip from my love.
Arli bein a cheerleader.. which i do not approve of. 

Later that evening Tuck and I enjoyed a dinner at El Gallo. Which my dinner consists of Fresh Guacamole and chips. That's all it takes to make this girl happy! I want to go back.. Right. Now.

We headed off to get my bday present, picked up the kids, got a netflix, and I ate my cake in bed.
That's a pretty good Birthday :)
And as you can see.. my present is kind of an oxymoron to my dessert. Whatev. It's my bday

Yesterday the celebrations continued. 
Beck is awesome and found a candle for me and insist I put it in my grilled cheese sandwhich for lunch. And then he sang happy birthday to me! Arli obviously didn't agree. haha. Seriously.. I was just smitten with that little boy!! 

Tonight my siblings took me out to Chilis. Even though their food sucks... its a tradition to get their molten chocolate cake for my birthday. I loooooove that dessert. We scarfed that right up... Though my brothers do not have enough experience as my sister and I so they hardly got any. Live and learn bros.
Brin and Arli.. Arli blowing the "rape whistle" necklace we call it.

And my brother surprised me with these lovely boots I'd been wanting!! ahh love. 
And my wonderful Mother inlaw and Father in law gave me a gift card to Target to even get these.

Mis Arli Farli when we got home last night. such a cutie. Her top bun these last couple days have just made me giddy looking at her. 

Also earlier this week on Monday.. we had a combined birthday celebration at Kim's (Tucks mom) house for Tucker, Barrett, and myself. It was some good eatin, and even better company!

I have some pretty amazingly cute sweet kids. I'm so lucky. 
They were telling me Happy birthday throughout the whole day. And singing to me in the car. 
Tucker sang me Happy Birthday on the way home from our date.. And he followed the english version with the family traditional spanish version. It completed my birthday! 

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Michael said...

I am so glad that you have had a wonderful birthday week! We loved having the kids while Tucker took you out for that amazing guac and chips. We love you and think you have some pretty cute kids too.