Monday, November 21, 2011

Good day!

It is a good day!
And It's Thanksgiving week.. and I have so much to be thankful for!

This amazing husband who tells me I'm beautiful multiple times a day. 
Who is an amazing father to our kids.
The man whom I will be married to for 5 years in Jan. FIVE.. 
Who really puts up with me sometimes. 
Who is hilarious.. and kinda weird. And does the weirdest stuff that I can tease him about. 
I think most important right now though.. that he is going to school and getting
straight A's.. since summer semester. 
I'm seriously thankful he has a career in mind and we are goin for it! 
I"m thankful we have a life plan :)

For my little Beck. 
Things get emotional when I think about this one. 
He made me a Mother. I'm SO thankful for that. 
And I'm thankful for the sweetheart he is and that he still holds my hand.
Thankful he loves school... and even more thankful for his teacher who made it possible 
for him to go by trading for babysitting for her. 
Thankful for Beck moving on from practicing his name. 
haha but he still managed to write his C backwards. 

Thankful for my sweet beautiful Arli. 
She is a fiesty one. But such a loving and lovable one. 
She keeps me on my toes.. 
And i'm thankful she's been in underwear for 3months now. 
Even if she has accidents still.
Thankful for her girlie nature. I love everything about it!

I'm really thankful for my health! 
I couldn't be the active involved mother I am without it. 
I'm thankful for my car!!! ohhh sweet dear.. old white neon ugly car.
So thankful for you!! It's lasted me 5 years. 
and I'll be thankful for it until it dies on me...prob in a couple months. :)
I'm thankful for my amazing family.. my parents, siblings, amazing aunts and uncles and cousins.
And also my awesome in-laws. 
I'm thaknful for the growing process.. and I love all my in-laws so much..
And I LOVE their kids who make me an Auntie! 

Today it is laundrey day, cleaning day, babysitting day, and much more.. but even better... it's a GOOD day today!


kim said...

This is a wonderful post Michelle! Sure do love you!

Michael said...

We are so thankful for you too. You are one of the most creative beautiful individuals I know. We love you and your wonderful little family.

Dane and Kelsey Pence said...

aww i love this!! so sweet! what a great day to remember :)