Sunday, November 6, 2011

New everyday life

Well... i have to just come out and confide on here.... or in you... .. (hello :)
For an early birthday present... We got myself a nice shiny iphone4s.
Can I just say how much I absolutely love it?!?
And I mean... I totally deserve this... I've always had the crappy phone. And I dealt with my old one long enough. But not only that... now I can actually get emails and use aps that actually work. Its amazing. It does wonders.
But I think so far my absolute favorite thing is Instagram.
Capturing life has never been so simple. And lovely. Not to mention practical since it'd be ridiculous to carry my nice camera every and break it.  And did i mention it takes awesome pics and videos?
Ah.. like i said...
I am in love.. with my iphone.
My weekend. ( & extras)

1. Tucker's bday dinner at El Gallo   2. Arli and Rex-poo
3. Gma Silvia on Skype throwin the peace sign. note the mess kids made 4. Arli at winco & unsure.

5. Beck's finds at D.I.  6. Me watchin kids in disgust with my bad mommness at Mcd's
7. Cute Dahlia at my cousins bridal shower.  8. Kids and Kallie at other cousin's wedding reception.

9. Arli cookie monster.. Get it guuurl  10. Beck and Arli in their fort. Fort=Love.

And Tuck has been in Vegas this weekend for the BSU game. He was doin stats in the radio booth. And apparently was on T.V. my friend in my ward sent me this pic she took of her tv with Tuck on it. HAH. love it. What a studdy stud.


Paige said...

I saw him on TV too, and I was like I think that is Tucker!! And Brett said, "Luckyyyy" (He even sounded all Napoleon Dynamite about it) CUTE PICS!!! :)

Kent and Wendy said...

Hey - I saw him too, but thought - no way - that couldn't be Tucker.

kim said...

I did NOT see him so I am so glad you included him! He is a star!! HA!

MOLLY said...

i too am a fan of the instagram, and now could not live without. heaven forbid something should happen to my phone. ever.