Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Mash

Woa. I've never had such a jam packed Halloween.
It was a lot of fun with these two kiddos!
Friday: Arli on the way home from Paige's Halloween Party
(Arli refused to dress up and Beck was batman)

               Saturday: Beck and Arli at the Trunk or Treat for our ward. 
Beck "changed his mind" and was Darth Vader (which I prefered)
And I had to shove Arli in her princess dress which she was refusing to wear again. She cried for 10 minutes but then got over it. And acted like nothin happened later.
yeah.. I'm a mean mom like that.

Me and Arli in the disco dancing trailer that  a guy did in our ward! So fun!!

 Monday Halloween: Off to Kim and Jake's party!
 Beck is Batman again. I shoved Arli in the dress yet again. 

And Me and Tuck. 
Tucker is a "futre missionary"( get it?)  like his tag says (which is acutally Beck's)
I'm a Deported Mexican. 
Let me just say.. at first I was just a plain old prisoner.. but Tuck added the magic touch of "Deported" to really take advantage of my browness. Cool.

We had so much fun at all the festivites!!!
Blessed does not even scratch the surface of how I feel. We are so lucky to have not only amazing family.. but made amazing friends who love our kids.

Now that THAT is all said and done...
I'm glad Halloween is over...
I'm not much of a Halloweener... Bring on the real Holidays! Specifically Christmas.... Am I getting ahead of myself?


Paige said...

I am glad Halloween is over and we didn't do anything besides our party! I am more like a Halloweenie, don't live for it, now bring on Christmas!!! Cute post!

Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

Your costume is so cool!