Thursday, December 15, 2011

Keepin on

Hello beautiful random picture of Arli. 

Today was a good day! Like holy cow.. good productive day.
Remember my last post? Yeah like over a week ago? Umm.. hate to say, but thats pretty much how life has continued. Give or take a few spurts of productiveness.
But TODAY was good.  Got outa bed at 8am no doubt. And was goin non-stop cleaning this house.
Busy Busy! So what better way to end a productive day than a blog post... to complete the productiveness. Are you still with me here?
So my dear Gma Mercedes was my lifesavor angel and deep cleaned the kitchen and made it smell so deliciously clean. I love her. And I love that pine sol.
Why the crazy cleaning?
My parents come home tomorrow!! Woodipitydoo! The kids and I pick them up at the airport tomorrow afternoon. And it will be a nice mini reunion.
Beck is so excited that he has been telling his pre-school teacher the countdown every class.
I'm ready to say the least.

Tonight while Tuck was/is at his CNA class.. the kids and I even did a fun christmas craft.. making reindeer. Only the cutest Christmas animal ever. Arli kept saying.. "I love doing this" yeah.. I've been slacking on the art part of her life lately which she so deeply loves.
We listened to Justin Beieber's Christmas album and colored and cut and glued to our hearts content. I love moments like that.

And holy cow.. only 10 days till Christmas? Please tell me my block countdown is lying to me.
Let's see... what gifts do I have done.. oh yeah. My kids. and 1 nephew.
I have a lot of work to do.

Energy & motivation don't fail me now!


Michael said...

Michelle you are more than amazing in what you do. I love reading your blog and look forward to seeing each new one. I need to be beter. My last entry was for Halloween. Yikes!

Little Red Bird said...


You make me want to be a mom! I loved this post, and all of the crafts you do :)

Kim Denison said...

You're the cutest. So happy that your parents are coming home! That's exciting :)