Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lazy Day

Saturday was supposed to be our yard work day.
Which is overrated anyway right? Well... not really.. the yard really does need it. But something came up.

Yesterday was thee most lazy day in all of my life. Aside from illnesses and such.
It was pretty much a mom version of Bruno Mars' song "The lazy song" (which  my kids love by the way)
Arli has the rude habit lately of getting up at 7am. I'm not a morning person. I don't just perk right up. So it is definitely not okay (and if anyone has any suggestions to make her sleep longer i'll take it.)
Anyways... back to her rude habit.. so she woke me up at 7am.. on a Saturday morning... after her and Beck were up till 10pm the night before.. how did she not sleep in? why? It was a lovely start to a lazy day.
I literally got out of bed to get the kids breakfast but got right back in bed. Tuck and I were both awake. Though I'd mix in some eye resting and a bit of magazine reading, I was seriously in my bed until 12.
Just typing that makes me feel disgusting. Let me just say here.. that usually every saturday morning. (or every morning) I wake up and clean clean clean. Not even close yesterday.
Once I was forced to get up cause my tag teammate went on a bike ride.. we made some lunch and the kids and I had some great conversations. Beck played wii.. Arli fell asleep in my lap and I put her to bed.
Tucker left to the BSU game then I totally zonked out for a good 20 min while Beck kinda but not really laid with me. And I was a lazy woman on the couch before and after that.
Arli woke up.. and we headed to my room to read some books. And then watch a movie. Before I knew it , it was time to get us dressed to go to a choir concert. If not for that concert.. I gladly would have stayed in my comfy clothes all day long.
And after the double concert (my niece and my mother in law) we went to Red Robin... I don't even know how I was awake and conscious. The chocolate milkshake helped. We got home and I was out like a light.
It was thee most bizarre day ever, spent in the most comfiest christmas blanket ever.
Because if you know me.. I cannot sit still... and be.. lazy. That's Tucker's job. In a nice way.
It felt good.. but it would have felt better if I had cleaned my house before the surprise lazy day.

That is all.

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