Monday, January 30, 2012

Feeding the Duckies

First can I just say... we had the most lovely Saturday morning this last weekend.
Which included:
Being lazy
watching music videos.
music viedos being our love song list.
coloring spongebob.
jumping on the bed.
and simply just enjoying the morning in our little family room. aka our bedroom.

Then after blasting the tunes and singing.. we got ready for our outing with Tuck's fam to feed the ducks at Ann Morrison Park. First of all.. thank goodness Travis and Stacie invited us.. because I have been trying to get Tucker to feed the ducks with us .. for-eh-ver. And you know why he wouldn't? Because he said it is illegal. Yeah, he is a law abiding citizen people. Who knew. But who even knows if that's true! So I was so happy he succombed to feeding the ducks.. even if it had to be by someone else asking him. Lame-o.

It was lots of fun.. even though it was chilly.. and I'm a whimp in the cold(unless i'm snowboarding).
The kids were stoked to go and we had Looooots of bread to share with the ducks. And thankfully, they like whole wheat. The kids had a lot of fun. But towards the end Beck and Bo just started having foot races. And of course the littler kids joined in.

After the ducks stuffed their faces we played at the playground and stuffed ours with lunch. while Tucker made a squirrel friend, who I wanted to make my pet.
The end.

Opa and all the grandkids

My Fav Duo.. Beck and Bo

havin a blast throwing the bread.

Cute cousins! Dax, Ella, and Arli huggin' it out.

Racing! (Dax calling for Ella haha)

annnd Resting. Repeat.

I swear the men were more enthralled with making the ducks slide on the ice. 

Cousins on Swings. 

Angry Beck

Happy Beck (with a bribe)

Dangling Arli


Janelle said...

Beck's hat is awesome! Seriously love it. Can't wait til Trooper can wear a Broncos hat. And I love how much your kiddos love their cousins. Those are some cute pictures.

Michael said...

Looks like this outing was great fun! Great photos Michelle.

Dane and Kelsey Pence said...

CUTE!! i love it!! looks like you had so much fun!