Thursday, February 2, 2012

French Toooast.

Who doesn't love a plate of delicious french toast??
It's what i've been lovin lately.

With Gma Silvia's help, Beck and Arli made Tucker and I breakfast in bed this last Sunday.
How cute is that?? 
Beck was an excellent bread dipper and flipper. 
I am guessing Arli just licked sppons. yes, even french toast spoons. 
Beck had us close are eyes and they brought in the surprise.

I feel so blessed to have these adorable children. 
And blessed that they have an amazing Grandma. 
I know my mom is cherishing the time she has left living with them. 


Michael said...

That is very sweet of the kids and of sylvia. She is a great grandma and so lucky to have the kids with her so much. You really are blessed.

Jessica Doss said...

adorable. can't wait for stuff like that <3