Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TMI Preggo style

Now.. Since the title of this post says it all..
I don't feel bad if you continue reading and think... "Man TMI michelle.. i really didn't wanna know that"

Looking like I'm 25 wks.. and i'm only 15 wks. Not cool. I wish I had taken pictures of every week of the other pregnancies just to prove... people.. i swear i'm huge right now.. and i'm not supposed to be. But maybe I should just roll with it. If any stranger asks how far along I am (assuming they decided I wasn't fat) I'm going with 25 wks.

I'm not diggin the layer of fat that is resting on my bebe bump. When I got pregnant, i wasn't running much.. sooo I had a little extra love. And it shows. at least to me. And thats what matters right?

 I hate the growing chest. Loathe it. I got quite used to being small and loving it. The clothing options are so much easier. And I'm not saying mine are even what you normal people would call "big". They'll probably get to "average" meaning.. the second letter of the alphabet. hahah. But even that... too much for me. Like I said.. I was at the beginning of the alphabet.. and I like it that way.

Now this isn't TMI .. it's just talk...

I just can't wait to find out what this bebe is gonna be.
When I look at Arli, I smile and hope it is a girl for her sake. Oh the joys of bestie sisters!
But then I look at Beck, and I think.. man this kid needs a brother to throw the football around with!
It is just such a toss up.. Thank freakin goodness I don't have to decide what we are having.
And thank goodness we find out at the end of the month.


Erin Dougal said...

Bah! I wish I looked as good as you right now! And I'm not pregnant. I've always envied your body shape and natural thinness. Really Michelle, count your blessings that you are not me! And I agree, why do the boobs have to grow!? I just do not understand it. Harrison knows I will be getting breast reduction surgery after I'm done having kids.

kim said...

YOU look adorable!You are always one of the cutest pregnant ladies I know!!!lOVE YOU!

Michael said...

Michelle, I love your posts. This isn't TMI, it is adorable. I am excited for you guys and excited for you to find out what the baby is. You look amazing and are always beautiful!

Rachel said...

I HEAR YA!!! hate the growing chest haha. and I am 24 weeks pregnant and you are NOT as big as me.. so you are not allowed to say 25 weeks. Congratulations, you're kids are the cutest!

royce and aubree said...

oh please you look amazing :) and i feel ya on the boobs. i too have tiny ones usually but when i'm prego and nursing they move up into the second letter of the alphabet haha and i can't wait for them to leave! can't wait to hear what you're having!