Monday, February 6, 2012

Rock Climbing

      Me, bebe, and Tuck. (belly stickin out for dramatic effect)         and Ryan and Brittawnia.

Tuck's first climb.                                                                      My first climb. Spandees totally helped!

 This last weekend, my bro Ryan had planned for us all to go indoor rock climbing.. Heck. Yes.
He had been a couple times and was eager to take us siblings. (Don't worry concerned blog reader-I got the okay from the Doc)
We went and we conquered. And I must say.. It was addicting, invigorating, muscle working, and hard-core feeling.
I now want to own my own pair of rock climing shoes and harness. (Some of those ladies up in there had some legit comfy looking ones.. i'm tellin ya!) And after this baby make his/her arrival.. We will definitely be looking into getting a pass. Kinda bad timing on my part to get into this.. But what can ya do.
I took it slower than my brother and sister... they were haulin butt up the higher skilled climbs. But i will say Brin and I were much faster than the boys. I took caution and stuck to the easy ones.. ending on a hard one that had me calling down "where the freak do i go now?" Tuck took his time on the first one. His fear of heights always take me by surprise. But he kept up with me. ;) It's amazing how tired your limbs become. And sometimes.. in the middle of a climb. Ha.

It was seriously so fun. I cannot say that enough! Someday I will graduate from level 5 climbs.

 Here's Brin after her first victory climb, throwing the hail hitler. 
Woah, brin.

I might also add... The scene there took me by surprise... I guess I don't know quite what I was expecting. But Brin And I def stood out in our spand-ees and probably brown-ness. It was like walking into the Boise Co-Op .. (a place I'd love to shop more really) but everyone was definitely more earthy. Dread locks.. full head of hair and matching full beards. With their columbia comfy outdoorsy pants on. Yeah.. we stood out.
But I liked it.

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