Saturday, March 3, 2012

Baby B

18 weeks
Belly has grown so fast and big this last week! (SINCE this pic was taken!)
Felt baby move for the first time on Valentines Day at 16 wks.
Pretty sure this boy has lots of room to move around in there right now. 
I love love love feeling him wiggle around and kick me.
At the last ultrasound they said I'm measuring about 4 days ahead (woo!).. but they are keeping the due date the same (boo!)
I'm a hungry hungry hippo as of this last week!
I find myself rubbing my belly all the time. Which I didn't do with the others.
But I can't help it and i love it!
I love knowing he is a boy! We have started calling him Baby Badger. 
Baby boy and the hormones have my face a wreck! aka.. acne! But I still love him. :)
I'm just waitin for the heart burn to kick in any day now.
We have no names. None. And probably won't till after he's born haha.
I've never myself indulged in maternity wear..but
I Bought my first official maternity shirt ever in my life today. 
And I'm not even mad about it. 
I wish I had more mula to spend on the 2 others dresses and shirt too!
And Heck, I'll gladly convert to maternity pants if I could find any that fit.
This pregnancy is going exactly like the others... :)
I'm feeling great and I really am enjoying this time with him in my belly.
I just need Spring to come and I think time will start flyin'

19 weeks on Sunday.. Woo! annndd double Woo!



Ashley said...

Your baby bump is so cute! You look good! I hate to admit it but I found myself rubbing my belly when I was pregnant too, it just becomes a habit :)

Kim Denison said...

Girlfriend.. If I looked as cute as you do pregnant, I'd get pregnant like...NOW. Seriously. You're beautiful! I'm so thrilled it's a boy too.

Dallas and Jessica said...

Could you be any cuter pregnant!? You are TINY!!