Monday, March 12, 2012

Day to Day

1. Pinky Promises- Arli's newest "thing"               
2. Spider-Arli-Man, Arli tryin to be one of the guys.
3. Arli and Rocco. my sister's new dog. He is pretty popular around here.
4. Beck learned first time playing Monopoly.. he's obsessed. its in the blood.
5. Beck and chess. The kid loves it!
6. Craigslist furniture :) I am on that thing every dang day 
gathering items to move out. 
7. Sunny Days call for Plasma cars and basking in the sun
8. And of course sidewalk chalk in the company of the doggies.
9. Beck the golfer. he is seriously observant. 
He knew he needed a hat, glove, collared shirt, and of course his golf clubs.

This is our day to day lately.. 
Things are gettin busy trying to find the right place to live and spring cleaning.. purging out the crap we don't need to take with us. 
Lovely, Exciting stuff over here people. 

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